Motif 39: Good Friday Meadows

German names: Karfreitagsmotiv, Blumenauethema

Musical example: Motif 39a - Good Friday Meadows
Soundbytes Good Friday Meadows  (ogg format) Musical example: Motif 39b - Good Friday Meadows

As for Benediction, the motif of the Good Friday Meadows begins with a rising phrase related (rhythmically) to Redemption (#1A). This is followed by a phrase (A) which, on close examination, is seen to have been developed (through the early part of the third act) from the unlikely material of the Parsifal motif #16. The third and final phrase of the theme (B) embodies the Bells motif #21.

Good Friday scene from Bayreuth 1957, staging by Wieland Wagner.

Above: the Good Friday scene from Bayreuth 1957, in a staging of Parsifal by Wieland Wagner.

References: von Wolzogen ex.24, Lorenz p.38, pp.160-1, Lavignac p.468, Kufferath ex.56, Newman ex.51, ENO ex.28.

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