Motif 36: Purity

German name: Die zweite Entsühnungsmelodie

Musical example: Motif 36 - Purity

Soundbytes Purity (Wolfgang Windgassen; ogg format)

This further development from the Atonement motif (and therefore ultimately derived from Faith) is first heard in act 3, as Gurnemanz tells Kundry that the pilgrim will accomplish some holy task that day, for which he must be purified. It reappears as Kundry washes the feet of Parsifal. Hans von Wolzogen called it, "the second melody of expiation".

Greek vase picture
References: von Wolzogen ex.21-2 p.86, Lorenz p.157, p.160-161, Kufferath ex.54, Newman ex.48, ENO ex.19.

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