Motif 29: Desire for Redemption

German name: Kundrys sehnsüchtiges Motiv

Musical example: Motif 29a - Desire for Redemption  

This motif is a variant or transformation of the Holy Grail (motif #2). Although it is not cadential, ending on a diminished seventh chord. It first appears complete to accompany Kundry's Gelobter Held! and continues through the section beginning Grausamer!, where Kundry begs to be the object of Parsifal's compassion. The motif is anticipated already in the first act, however: on the horns at bar 303.

Desire for  Redemption (Martha Mödl; ogg format)Soundbytes

Musical example: Motif 29b - Desire for Redemption

References: von Wolzogen ex.17, Lorenz p.129, Kufferath ex.40, ENO ex.66.

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