Motif 26: Quarrel and Flattery

German name: Zankmotiv; Schmeichelfigur

Soundbytes Quarrel (ogg format)

Musical example: Motif 26a - Quarrel

There are several themes associated with the Flowermaidens or Magic Maidens. Quarrel (Wolzogen: letztes Thema der Mädchen) accompanies the Flowers as they quarrel over their prey, Parsifal, hence Lorenz called it Zankmotiv or Quarrel.

Parsifal (Jon Vickers) and the Flowermaidens Above: Parsifal (Jon Vickers) and the Flowermaidens.

Wolzogen and Lorenz identified several other motives in this scene, including one that Lorenz called the Flattery motif (Schmeichelfigur). Below: this example from Lorenz (p.117) shows how Flattery develops from some earlier music of the Flowermaidens:

Musical example: Motif 26b - development of Flattery motif

This pretty melody is based on the descending motif of Suffering. The Flowermaidens bring to men what Wagner once called, the suffering of seduction.

References: von Wolzogen ex.15-5, Lorenz pp.117-9, Kufferath ex.32, ex.34, ENO ex.62-64, Bauer pp.82-3.

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