Motif 6: Pain of the Wound

German name: Amfortasmotiv (2)

Soundbytes Pain (ogg format)

Musical example: Motif 6 - Pain of the Wound 

This motif (upper part of the example) is more rhythmic than melodic. It is associated with the pain of Amfortas' physical wound or perhaps with the world-weariness that gnaws at his soul. It is first heard in combination with Amfortas (the lower line in the example). Listen for it in the second act after Parsifal sings, ... in sündigem Verlangen. Although it is sometimes heard alone, the rhythm most often appears in combination with Amfortas and therefore they are often considered together as one complex.

References: von Wolzogen (with motif 5) ex.4, Lorenz pp.20-21, Lavignac (with motif 5) p.447, Newman ex.9, ENO 34a, Bauer pp.56-59.

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