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Introductory Material

icon An Introduction to Parsifal

icon Plot Summary of Parsifal

icon Schopenhauer on Compassion

Articles - Sources and Contexts

icon Wagner's Sources

icon Parzival and Parsifal

icon Wagner and The Waste Land

icon Wolzogen on Parsifal

icon The Wounding and Healing Spear

icon Parsifal and Greek Myth

icon Magic Flowers

icon The Origins of Kundry

icon Heine's poem Atta Troll

icon Swans and Geese: Wagner's Wildfowl

icon Wagner, Buddhism and Parsifal

icon Jesus - Buddha - Parsifal

icon Suneson on Indian Influences in Parsifal

Parsifal Act 2, Metropolitan Opera 2013

Articles - Creation

icon Chronology

icon The Genesis of Parsifal

icon Die Sieger (The Victors)

icon Richard Wagner to Mathilde Wesendonk

icon Wagner's Muse

Articles - Interpretation

icon Parsifal and Race

icon Wieland Wagner's Parsifal Cross

icon Parsifal's Progress

icon Sleeping and Waking

icon Good Friday

icon Erlösung dem Erlöser - REVISED

icon Parsifal and Christianity - REVISED

Articles - References

icon The Prose Draft of Parsifal

icon PARSIFAL - A New English Translation

icon Further Reading

icon A Parsifal Discography

icon Vocal score of Parsifal

icon Wagner's Books from the East

Articles - Performance

icon Parsifal on Stage

icon Adolphe Appia on Parsifal and the Ring

icon Parsifal at Covent Garden

icon Bernard Levin on Parsifal

icon Parsifal in Wolfgang Wagner's staging at Bayreuth

icon Syberberg's Parsifal Film

icon Parsifal in Stefan Herheim's recent production at Bayreuth: a review and analysis by

icon Parsifal at Baireuth (M.G. van Rensselaer)

icon Wagner's Parsifal (C.D. Warner)
from P. Swinkels' Wagner Library

Articles - the Music

icon An Introduction to the Music of Parsifal

icon The Mystic Chord

icon Leitmotif Guide (compact version for small screens)

icon Leitmotif Guide (large screen version with full menu)

icon Prelude to Act 1

icon Prelude to Act 2

icon Prelude to Act 3

icon Meyerbeer's Robert and Wagner's Parsifal

icon Transformation Music

icon The Bells of Monsalvat

(Höchsten Heiles Wunder!)

Articles - Reactions

icon Nietzsche on Parsifal

icon G.B. Shaw on Parsifal

icon A Poem by Paul Verlaine

icon Parsifal and the Nazis

icon Lévi-Strauss on Parsifal

icon Joseph Campbell on Parsifal

icon Thomas Mann on Parsifal

icon A Cautionary Tale
(Neil Kurtzman)

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